Bruxistop is a simple device which main use is to place between the upper and lower teeth to avoid grinding the teeth together, both relaxing the muscles of the lower jaw and permitting the lower teeth to move freely.

20 -30% of the population suffer from the unconscious habit of clenching and grinding of the teeth, both during the day and night.

There are two types of Bruxism

  1. Bruxism Central signifies the unconscious clenching and squeezing of the teeth which can cause tension, jaw ache, ear ache, neck pain and headaches.
  2. Bruxism Excessive is the rubbing and grinding of teeth together which can result in the tooth enamel to wear, causing a great series of dental problems.

Bruxistop is a device that prevents the upper and lower teeth from direct contact, this is to avoid the wearing of the tooth enamel. The layer of shock absorbent material between the teeth prevents the jaws from pressing together.