anatomical nasal dilator

Nasal Dilator Best Breathe® is a discreet device that when inserted into the nostrils reduces airflow resistance and thus facilitates breathing.

Nasal Dilator is manufactured under strict quality control and medical grade materials.

Benefits of the use of best-breathe®

The use of Best-Breathe® in specific moments and in some daily activities favours a good re-education of the nasal breathing and consequently, avoids the harmful mouth breathing.

A correct nasal breathing activates mechanisms of detoxification thanks to a deep breath.

An obstruction of the air through our nose makes us mouth breathing, with the negative repercussions that it conveys.

Best-Breathe - Dilatador nasal anatómico

Why we should use best-breathe®

It improves the contribution of air through our nose in a comfortable and safe way.

Its anatomical design makes a perfect adaptation easier without worrying about its fall.

Its dimensions and characteristics make it a very discreet display, very comfortable to wear.

It can´t be deteriorated by the sweat or the environment exposure.

You can use it up to 60 times.

Best-Breathe - Dilatador nasal anatómico